12July-16July Economy Indicators

July 12:
- Japan: June Domestic Corporate Goods Price Index
- 股东大会: N/A

July 13:
- US: Trade Balance
- Japan: Industrial Production
- 股东大会: N/A

July 14:
- Eurozone: CPI
- Singapore: Advance GDP Estimate
- Japan: Monetary Policy Meeting
- US: Reatils
- 股东大会:

July 15:
- US: Industrial Production and Producer Price Index
- China: Real GDP and Producer Price Index
- Singapore: Retailer Sales
- 股东大会: N/A

July 16:
- Singapore: Electronic Export and non-oil export
- 股东大会: N/A

05July-09July Economy Indicators

July 05:
- Singapore: PMI
- Eurozone: May Retail Sales
- 股东大会: N/A

July 06:
- US: June PMI non-manufacturing composite Index
- 股东大会: N/A

July 07:
- Eurozone: Q1'2010 GDP
- Malaysia/Singapore: Foreign reverse for 2H June
- US: ABC Consumer Comfort Index
- 股东大会:

July 08:
- US: Initial Jobless Claim and continuing Claims
- Malaysia: May IPI and Manufacturing Sales
- Malaysia: Bank Negara Malaysia MPC meets
- Japan: Bank lending
- 股东大会: N/A

July 09:
- China: Enterpreneur Confidence Index
- China: Business Climate Index
- 股东大会: N/A

Appreciation Notice

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